The Mandalorian Boss Jon Favreau Confirms: 'Baby Yoda' Is Not [Spoiler]


Baby Yoda just took a DNA test: Turns out, he’s 100 percent not who many Mandalorian viewers think he is.

The Disney+ series’ creator Jon Favreau set the record straight at Sunday’s Golden Globes, telling USA Today that the ridiculously cute, big-eyed, frog-slurping, broth-sipping creature at the center of Season 1 is in no way Star Wars‘ Yoda.

Favreau pointed out that The Mandalorian is set in an era after the events of Return of the Jedi, “and fans of the original trilogy will remember that Yoda not only passes away but actually disappears. So Yoda exists as a Force ghost.”

The EP wouldn’t address speculation that the little green guy in question might be related to Yoda, citing “spoilers.” But he acknowledged that the vast majority of Mandalorian fans are calling the titular bounty hunter’s teeny co-pilot “Baby Yoda” instead of by the name it was assigned in the Season 1 scripts: “The Child.”

“It’s the easiest, shortest, most hashtagable way to identify that character,” he said.

Disney+ recently renewed The Mandalorian for Season 2, shortly after the Season 1 finale began streaming. (Read a full recap of the episode here.) The series will return in Fall 2020.

Do you think you could ever stop calling The Mandalorian‘s smallest cast member “Baby Yoda?” What are your predictions for the character’s true identity? Sound off in the comments. This is the way.

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