Power Boss Courtney Kemp Drops Clues About Series' Final Eps, Winter Premiere's 'Hate'-ful Central Character

Power SEason 6 Episode 11 Is Ghost Dead

By the end of Power‘s big return Sunday (Starz, 8/7c), we may or may not know whether James “Ghost” St. Patrick is among the living or dead. But showrunner and series creator Courtney Kemp promises that we’ll definitely have a better sense of how those hours leading up to the (latest) shooting at Truth unfolded.

Though Kemp didn’t want to put too fine a point on it when she recently chatted with TVLine, she hinted that the first of Power‘s final five episodes will focus on “someone everyone loves to hate.” And, as she stated around the time of Power‘s midseason finale in November, subsequent installments will revisit the events leading up to Ghost’s surprise attack, shown from the viewpoints of the people who might’ve perpetrated it: Saxe, Tommy, Dre, Paz, Tate, Tasha and Tariq.

“All of them cover the period of time of [Episode] 610,” she said. “They’re all different iterations of that day. The same day that Ghost got shot is the day that they cover, but then they all go past that point.”

Each hour leading up to the series’ finale will give viewers more clues to the identity of Ghost’s assailant. And though Kemp admitted she didn’t start the crime drama with a specific plan for what would eventually become of the its central character, she said she was certain that the end of the series wouldn’t be a high point in his life. “I always knew that Ghost was going to have to get some sort of consequence for his behavior. Was that going to be incarceration or homicide? Who could say?” she said, chuckling. “But I made a promise to the audience very early on that he was in dead or in jail or some version of that: getting shot, getting hurt, losing everything.

She added: “Ghost is the kind of person who keeps going… unless he loses everything.”

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