Outlander Season 5 Trailer: The Frasers Make Their Stand (and Might Just Spark the American Revolution?!)

Sing me a song of a lass who’s on her way to witnessing the kickoff of one of the biggest wars in history.

Outlander released its official Season 5 trailer Friday, and the preview is an ode to the Frasers’ oath to stand up for their family — and their New World clan — under any circumstances as the American Revolution draws ever nearer.

Like the footage released at New York Comic-Con, the new trailer highlights Claire and Jamie’s efforts to establish a community on Fraser’s Ridge. And given both Jamie’s oath to the British Crown to help hunt down the Regulators, as well as his loyalty to his godfather/head Regulator Murtaugh, the tense situation naturally appears to explode in flat-out battle. Meanwhile, Bree reminds her father that skirmishes like this are generally regarded as the “spark” of what eventually becomes the Revolutionary War.

“If we stop this now,” she warns, “America will never become America.”

The footage also gives us the sense that Brianna and Roger don’t see eye to eye — or stone circle to stone circle — about whether or not they should return to their own time. He’s pro-1970s, but life on the American frontier seems to suit Bree just fine.

Outlander returns on Sunday, Feb. 16. Until then, press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments: What are you most looking forward to seeing happen in Season 5? 

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