The Walking Dead Sheds a Little Bit of Light on Danai Gurira's Final Arc as Michonne — 2020 FIRST LOOK

the-walking-dead-season-10-episode-9-first-photo danai gurira leaving

Thus far, clues about the way that The Walking Dead will be writing off Michonne to facilitate the departure of longtime cast member Danai Gurira have been as rare as a zombie that doesn’t smell. But at last, TVLine has obtained an exclusive image from the AMC drama’s midseason premiere (Sunday, Feb. 23, at 9/8c) that sheds a little bit of light — quite literally — on what may be the formidable heroine’s exit story.

As you can see in the photo above, Michonne and Virgil (The Leftovers’ Kevin Carroll, who made his debut in the fall finale) are cautiously making their way to the island naval base that he and his family call home. Once there, he’s to pay off his debt to Oceanside by loading up Michonne’s boat with weapons that she can take back with her to destroy Alpha’s horde and silence the Whisperers once and for all.

Of course, the odds of that plan going off without a hitch are about as good as those of a corpse not reanimating. Which, in a way, is for the best, since it will pave the way for a fitting send-off for the beloved badass. “I’m excited to have the audience see Danai’s work during this last arc on the show,” EP Angela Kang previously told TVLine. “She’s just amazing” in this story that “showcases [Michonne’s] leadership and strength, and her love for her people.”

Per AMC, when the show returns, “our group of survivors are trapped… some in the confines of a cave filled with walkers… others, in a spiral of suspicion and grief — all orchestrated at the hand of Alpha, who continues to prove the Whisperers are always watching and one step ahead of the communities. Through this conflict and all they’ve lost, a few still hold onto hope, especially Eugene, who believes the mysterious voice he spoke with on the radio may lead to their world getting bigger once again.

“But,” the logline goes on, “with the Whisperer War upon them, the collective communities must come together and possibly sacrifice all they have to find a way to silence the Whispers once and for all. Otherwise, Alpha will ensure they face a certain doom.”

What do you think, TWD fans? Are you braced to say goodbye to the actress and her katana-wielding alter ego? How would you write off Michonne? Hit the comments.