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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Riverdale, Million Little Things, SVU, Succession, The Conners, HTGAWM, TWD and More

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Question: Is Kevin still a part of Riverdale in Season 4? I have seen no mention of him in any press for the new season, and Casey Cott has been absent from all cast interviews. —MB
Ausiello: Don’t worry, MB: Kevin Keller is indeed a big part of Riverdale‘s upcoming season. Last we saw Kevin, he was the only member of The Farm who didn’t vanish in mysterious fashion. This season, Kevin has to “answer for The Farm’s crimes,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa hints, and his head is finally clear of all that cult-y brainwashing: “The spell is broken.” Plus, “we’re going to see Kevin having some fun… In Episode 4, we have a great Kevin and Reggie story. We’ve never paired those guys together.”

Question: I want to know anything you’ve got about A Million Little Things‘ second season. —Carrie
Ausiello: If you thought Rome was out of the woods, emotionally speaking, think again (and get the tissues ready). “It’s a rough season for Rome,” the character’s portrayer, Romany Malco, warns TVLine. “Some things are just beyond his control.” It’s unclear whether Rome’s troubles are related to his and Regina’s differences of opinion about having kids, the death that series creator D.J. Nash recently teased, or from something else altogether. All Malco will add is: “The challenges that Rome faces, it’s the type of stuff that really breaks people.”

Question: Was that the Commonwealth on the radio at the end of the season on The Walking Dead? — James
Ausiello: Obviously, showrunner Angela Kang wasn’t going to just come out and tell us, “Why, yes, that was the Commonwealth. That story from the Robert Kirkman’s source material is our next big arc.” What she said instead — and this might be almost as telling — was, “That is an important story in the comic, and we like to service story from the comic.” And whether or not that particular call was from the network of communities that make up the Commonwealth, “there will be answers” about who was radioing sooner than later, Kang promised. “We definitely deal with it, and it’s not going to be all season” that viewers have to wait. Season 10 gets underway on Oct. 6.

Question: Any clues about how Walking Dead is writing off Michonne? I miss her already. —Brianne
Don’t start missing her just yet. Before Danai Gurira hangs up her katana in Season 10, the AMC drama will be sending her beloved character on a kind of goodbye tour that “showcases her leadership and strength, and her love for her people and her family,” previews executive producer Angela Kang, adding, “I’m excited to have the audience see Danai’s work during this last arc on the show, because she’s just amazing. She brings so much to every episode she’s in.”

Question: I’m still a little confused about how the “unified universe” on Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 will work. Since I only watch Grey’s, won’t I (eventually) be lost/confused if something significant happens to a Grey’s character during Station 19? —Dani
Ausiello: Allow showrunner Krista Vernoff to elaborate on the initial explanation she gave TVLine: “It’s a little bit like this: On Grey’s Anatomy, we have assumed for all these years that there are people calling 911 and first responders are coming to those houses [before wheeling them into the hospital]. We don’t need to see it in order to enjoy Grey’s Anatomy. And, in reverse, on [the midseason-bowing] Station 19, you know that the people who are rescued have a life after and before they are rescued — but you don’t need to see it to enjoy it. [The blended universe] is sort of working that way. If you are not watching both shows you can still totally enjoy either hour.” That said, Vernoff is quick to add: “We hope you enjoy them so much that you watch both!”

New Amsterdam Season 2Question: Will we find out who dies on New Amsterdam towards the beginning, middle or end of the premiere? —Sarah
Ausiello: “We’ll slowly reveal who lived,” showunner David Schulner says, “and then you’ll start to definitely see who’s missing from the cast as the [episode] continues.”

Question: Will we get to see more of Claire and Shaun’s friendship on The Good Doctor this season? —Malasha
Ausiello: Indeed, at the very start of the season (premiering Monday, Sept. 23), “There’s a lovely scene … in terms of Shaun’s first date, and how Claire is there to support him,” Freddie Highmore shares. “But I think we’ll also see Shaun needing to support Claire a bit more in this third season, which will be interesting, as her character goes through a more difficult time than she’s had in the past.”

Question: Given the ratings success of Yellowstone, it’s only a matter of time before Paramount Network pulls the trigger on a spinoff, right? 
Ausiello: I’m actually surprised one hasn’t already been announced. I’m even more surprised that one isn’t in development (and according to sources one isn’t — at least not at the moment).

Question: I’m dying to know anything about Benson, Rollins, Carisi and Finn in SVU‘s new season. Anything! —Janna
Ausiello: I can tell you that one of the people you mentioned makes a huge move in the premiere, and that switch-up is poised to have repercussions throughout the season… and perhaps the series?

Empire Season 5, Episode 16 - Jussie SmollettQuestion: Anything on Empire‘s final season? —Gregory
Ausiello: Jussie Smollett will be MIA ad infinitum, but that doesn’t mean we won’t catch a glimpse of his onscreen hubs, Kai before the series ends. Asked about the possibility of Toby Onwumere putting in a guest appearance in Season 6, showrunner Brett Mahoney tells TVLine, “It’s possible we could see Kai.” (BTW, if you’re wondering how Jamal and Kai’s absence will be explained, we’ve got the answer right here.)

Question: Is there any chance of a romance between Olivia and Spencer on All American? — Malasha
Ausiello: That is a distinct possibility in Season 2, per showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll. “We’re going to constantly see love triangles play out over the course of the show, and I know Olivia and Spencer is something that a lot of our fans root for,” she says. “Without giving away specifics, I think our fans will be happy with the direction people’s love lives are going in this season.”

Question: Is Madam Secretary going to make Stevie and Blake a full-on couple this season? —Anna
Ausiello: Sorry to disappoint you, Anna, but it looks like the pair — who kissed near the end of last season — will go back to being great friends. “But we have big plans for Stevie and her romantic life,” EP Barbara Hall previews. Speaking of Madam Sec‘s final season, did you hear the news? Six actors will not be returning as series regulars.

Question: Who’s the new couple on Chicago P.D.?! —Amanda
Ausiello: As teased in our Fall TV Preview scoopapalooza, there’s another potential romance brewing within the Intelligence unit, and now we can reveal one-half of the pairing: “It may involve Atwater,” showrunner Rick Eid teases.

HTGAWMQuestion: Any news about HTGAWM Season 6? —Symonne
As you might expect from a show with “murder” in its title, not everyone will survive the ABC drama’s final batch of episodes. “People you love are gonna die. Yes, D-I-E. Die,” reveals Amirah Vann, who plays Tegan Price. “Not extras, not day players, but people you’ve been taking [this] journey with.”

Question: Desperate Younger fan here! Please tell me you know whether Liza will accept Charles’ proposal? I can’t wait another year. —Ann
Ausiello: You’re probably going to hate this, Ann, but I’m not sure there’s an answer to that question. “Who knows which man, if either, she’ll end up with,” writer Don Roos says. “We don’t even know yet, and we’ve never had an idea. We just know we can’t let Josh go, because he brings something special to Liza’s character — a lightness and playfulness that she isn’t able to access as easily with Charles. But Charles is definitely a good idea on paper. He really loves her, and she really loves him, but there’s something about Josh that’s undeniable.”

This AAnd That…
The Conners: Among the many things I loved about Season 2’s exceptionally sharp/funny first two episodes is a running gag involving Jackie sporting a new, wildly inappropriate crush on a character we have met before.
Succession: This Sunday’s episode puts Sarah Snook’s Shiv and Holly Hunter’s Rhea in a room together alone and the ensuing four-minute tête-à-tête is a restrained, tension-filled triumph of writing, directing and acting. Also, the hour is so zinger-packed that we may be forced to publish a second, Succession-branded Quotes of the Week column next week.
The Rookie: If John Nolan’s attire in the ABC drama’s Season 2 premiere on Sept. 29 is any indication, the fledgling cop is as big a fan of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as his portrayer, Nathan Fillion.

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