A Million Little Things: How Younger's Sutton Foster Came to Play Eric's Dearly Departed Fiancée

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It’s true: Younger actresses always get the good parts.

Such was the case earlier this year, when A Million Little Things was looking to cast the role of Chloe. Viewers had been told that the character was engaged to Jason Ritter’s Eric but had died in the same accident that left him in need of a heart transplant. Chloe owned a music shop on Beacon Hill in Boston; Eric has been running the business since her death.

During a scene in Episode 6 of this season, Eric looked at a photo of Chloe… and the woman in the picture was instantly recognizable as Younger star Sutton Foster. After TVLine broke the news of Foster’s casting, we chatted with showrunner DJ Nash about how the Bunheads alum wound up in ABC’s ensemble drama.

“I knew we were going to tell the story of Eric and his fiancée, Chloe, and I wanted someone who would be amazing in that role,” he said. Series regular James Roday suggested Foster, a friend whom he directed in both a Season 8 episode of Psych and a horror movie called Gravy. So Nash gave her a call.

“Whenever I talk to an actor we’re wooing, I say, ‘It’s totally fine either way if you’ve seen the show [or not]. I’ll just explain the show differently if you haven’t,'” he recalled. “She said, ‘What are you talking about?! I’ve seen every single episode!'”

The only downside of Foster’s saying yes to the job? “I had to tell her some of the secrets of the show in casting her, because she needed to know the story — which, as a fan, I think she was a little upset about,” Nash said, laughing. “But she is amazing. She’s been incredible.”

Though the executive producer declined to pinpoint exactly when we’ll see Foster again, he confirmed that she will appear in the second half of Season 2 “for a very moving episode.”

A Million Little Things returns to ABC on Thursday, Jan. 23 in its new, later time slot: 10/9c.

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