Station 19 Season 3 Premiere: Ben and Schmitt Rise to the Challenge of Grey's Fall Cliffhanger — 2020 FIRST LOOK

Station 19 Season 3

station 19 season 3 first look photo“Last call” might take on a whole new meaning when Grey’s Anatomy’s midseason-finale cliffhanger is resolved in the Season 3 premiere of its spinoff, Station 19, on Thursday, Jan. 23.

Fans of the ABC dramas will recall that in the closing moments of Grey’s “Let’s All Go to the Bar” back in November, a car came crashing into Joe’s while it was full of characters from both series: Grey’s Jackson, Schmitt, Nico, Helm, Casey and Blake, and Station 19‘s Chief Herrera and Ben, who had been drowning his sorrows over wife Bailey’s miscarriage. In this exclusive first look at Station 19‘s third-season opener, Schmitt and Ben appear to be ready to leap into action — Ben, a man after our own hearts, holding onto his beer as he does so!

When the shows return — er, maybe you’ve heard? — they’ll have swapped timeslots, with Station 19 displacing Grey’s from its berth in order to better facilitate crossovers. “Ever since Station 19 premiered, in the writers’ room, we always thought the better progression was from firefighters to the hospital,” showrunner Krista Vernoff has said. Now, “with Station 19 airing at 8 o’clock and Grey’s airing at 9, there are very organic opportunities for Grey’s to, for example, inherit patients we see rescued on Station 19.”

But Station 19’s new timeslot may be the least of its changes in Season 3. “It’s quite a different show this year,” Vernoff has teased. “It’s messier emotionally than it’s ever been. People are a little less polite this season, a little less kind, a little more competitive and dirtier, literally and metaphorically.”