Madam Secretary Series Finale: Real-Life Couple Tim Daly and Téa Leoni Mark Emotional Last Day of Filming

Madam Secretary Series Finale Tea Leoni Tim Daly Hug Photo

POTUS and FGOTUS 4eva!

Madam Secretary‘s Tim Daly took time on Thursday to reflect on the CBS drama’s final episode, which finished filming this week. The Season 6/series finale likely will air later this year.

“HUMANS!!!,” he posted on social media, “What did I get from Madam Secretary? EVERYTHING!!! That’s a wrap.” The caption accompanied a photo of Daly, aka First Gentleman of the United States Henry McCord, hugging his on- and off-screen partner Téa Leoni as members of the show’s cast (including on-screen daughter Wallis Currie-Wood) and crew applaud.

Though Leoni and Daly knew each other prior to the show’s start — they attended the same high school in Vermont — they began dating during in real life during the series’ first season.

Back in Season 1, Daly told TVLine that Henry was a “great role model for men” because he wasn’t threatened by Elizabeth’s achievements. “Here’s a guy who’s got his own thing going, and he’s completely supportive and unintimidated by his wife being in a position of power,” he said at the time. “I think the fact that he’s unintimidated by a woman in power is a great message for men: Guys, it’s OK. Your girlfriend or your wife can be big, and you can still be confident. You don’t have to worry.”


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