How to Get Away With Murder Sneak Peek: Is Annalise About to Leave Town?

The working theory that How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise Keating ultimately fakes her own death is starting to look mighty plausible.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), in which Annalise reunites with Michaela’s birth father, Solomon Vick, in order to ask him for money. As you’ll recall, the drama’s Oct. 24 installment found Annalise’s savings account getting suspiciously drained, leaving her with a measly two-dollar balance instead of the $200,000 she’d had stashed away.

After learning that someone had hacked into her account, Annalise called Solomon and told him it was “time to pay up” — and their conversation continues in the exclusive video above. Annalise insists that she needs to “disappear,” because “ever since Sam died, the FBI’s been gunning for me.” But Solomon is reluctant to fork over the money Annalise needs to start a new life, despite her pleas.

Of course, Murder fans have been speculating all season about Annalise’s fate as the show approaches its series finale. In the Season 6 premiere, a flash forward gave viewers a preview of what seemed to be Annalise’s funeral, though many have suspected that the Middleton professor merely fakes her own demise and goes off the grid completely.

Watch our sneak peek at Thursday’s episode above, then drop a comment with your latest theories on Annalise’s arc.

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