Can Power's Tariq Be Trusted? His On-Screen Mom Naturi Naughton Weighs In

Power Season 6 Episode 10 Tasha Tariq Trust

Maternal love can blind a woman to many of her child’s faults. But Power‘s Tasha spent a significant amount of time in Sunday’s episode arguing with Ghost that she knows exactly who their son, Tariq, is — and the terrible things he’s capable of. (Read a full recap here.)

“What’s b—s–t is us thinking that we could change Tariq or somehow turn him into something he’s not,” the former Mrs. St. Patrick told an angry Ghost, who’d just learned that Tariq was selling drugs out of her daycare center with her consent. “I’ve accepted the truth,” Tasha continued. “You should, too.”

But does Tasha actually believe that her son is keeping it 100 with her, given how often (and how well!) he’s lied to pretty much everyone for the past couple of seasons?

“I think now she does,” portrayer Naturi Naughton tells TVLine. “Because they have an agreement.” But Naughton is quick to point out that the teen’s mom isn’t naive, either. “She knows that he’s not the most honest, and he’s a lot like his father,” she says, chuckling. “The truth is: I’ve dealt with Ghost, I can deal with Tariq.”

Tasha sees her son as a true partner now, Naughton explains. And the scene in last week’s episode where she confesses to him about killing LaKeisha in order to stop her from cooperating with federal law enforcement seems to bear that out. In the midseason finale this Sunday (Starz, 8/7c), it’s likely that Tasha will need the backup Tariq promised: It’s only a matter of time before Blanca Rodriguez & Co. approach him about finding Terry Silver’s body, and it’s likely a shorter matter of time before he figures out how they found it.

“They’re on the same side of things, so I do think she believes that he will be honest with her, because she’s been straight up with him,” she adds. “Once you level with Tariq, that creates a sense of partnership that they didn’t have before. She’s totally believing that.”

So Naughton clearly thinks Tariq can be trusted, but do you? Vote via the poll below, then hit the comments to argue your position. While you’re there, log your predictions for the midseason finale!

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