Supergirl Recap: Kara and Lena Arrive At a Crossroads in Season 5 Premiere

Supergirl Recap

Alien invaders? Lex Luthor? A rabid militia of masked supremacists? Sure, they all put up a decent fight, but Supergirl‘s previous foes pale in comparison to Season 5’s apparent Big Bad: Internet clickbait!

As we saw in Sunday’s premiere, there are big changes afoot at CatCo Worldwide Media, beginning with a new owner (Veronica MarsJulia Gonzalo as Andrea Rojas) who isn’t the least bit impressed by the Pulitzer Prize Kara allegedly received for her op-ed about the divided state of our country. In fact, Andrea basically blames Kara’s prestigious honor for the recent decline in newspaper subscriptions. The company’s charming new owner, who casually refers to Elon Musk as “Uncle Elon,” intends to run the paper by a simple philosophy: “The measure of worth is all in a click.”

Let’s be honest, though: This premiere was all about Kara and Lena’s relationship, which has never been more fragile. After running a number of trials, all of which ended with her punching the Girl of Steel in her lying face, Lena decided to use Kara’s Pulitzer ceremony as an opportunity to expose her to the world. But Lena was taken off guard when Kara came out to her — with a beautiful speech, I might add — just moments before she was set to introduce her at the podium.

But just when it seemed that Lena had dropped her grudge against Kara & Co., along came this chilling little monologue: “She betrayed me, broke my heart. I could never forgive her. … [Luthors are] scorpions. When someone betrays us, we sting. But I have a calling, and it’s to fix mankind. I never thought Supergirl would tell me who she was, but now that she has, I have an opportunity. I can use Supergirl to achieve my ends. That is easier to do if she believes there is trust.”

Also worth discussing…

* After the gang teamed up to defeat Midnight, a blackhole-conjuring baddie whom J’onn had banished to the Phantom Zone, everyone’s favorite Martian Manhunter-turned-private eye discovered that his brother was the one who released her. (Good, now he’s caught up with the rest of us.)

* The final moments of the episode reunited us with Eve Teschmacher, last seen being confronted by a member of Leviathan in the Season 4 finale. She’s now working as a waitress, presumably still hiding from both the good and bad guys, but given that her brief cameo ended with her getting kidnapped, I’d say someone has finally managed to track her down.

* Can we talk about how wonderfully weird Brainy is in a relationship? After arguing that Miranda Priestley (of The Devil Wears Prada fame) is the greatest movie villain of all time, he apologized to Nia for treating her like Miranda last season, specifically for abandoning her at the camp. That’s why he’s been keeping his distance, to which Nia replied by reminding him that he’s “caring and selfless and good.” And then they kissed! I really do love these two together. (And I didn’t even mention this incredible Brainy quote: “This Earth custom that the girlfriend is always right is illogical and frustrating, but I will assimilate.”)

* Sunday’s premiere also introduced us to hot-shot reporter William Day, played by Game of Thrones‘ Staz Nair, who immediately got on Kara’s last nerve as the person assigned to “edit” (aka dumb down) her work. I’m curious to see how his character evolves over the course of the season — and which romantic partner the writers attempt to pair him with. (Kara? Lena? The possibilities are… actually quite limited.)

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