Supergirl Finale Recap: Lex's Last Attack Leads to a Shocking Reveal — Plus, Meet Season 5's Big Bad!

Supergirl Recap

Lex Luthor made his long-awaited (and long-dreaded) return to Supergirl on Sunday’s finale, during which he enacted his master plan to destroy Superman — which, let’s be real, has been his only real goal all along.

At the height of his madness, even Lex’s most devoted accomplices couldn’t get on board with his desire to “turn Argo City into a blazing inferno” over his petty feud with the Man of Steel. (“I’ve already poisoned his tea,” Lillian told Lena. “If he’d stop running his mouth long enough to take a sip, he’d be dead by now.”)

Via the power of astral projection, Dreamer revealed the location of Lex’s alien power facility, where J’onn and Dreamer risked their lives to shut down the core. Seeing Nia in such a precarious position not only snapped Brainy back to his old self, but it also gave him the courage to declare his love for her. (D’aww!) Meanwhile, James and Alex launched an all-out assault against Ben Lockwood, during which both he and James were stabbed by the Harun-El extractor. Ben ended up behind bars, while James ended up… with a pretty bad-ass eye patch, actually.

This left Supergirl free to take on Lex, a battle she might have lost were it not for a last-minute assist from Red Daughter. “You were right,” she told Kara as she died in her arms. “My Alex was nothing like your Alex. Protect your people, as I protected mine.” And protect her people she did, sending Lex back to his lair, where things got really real. Not only did Lena extract the Harun-El from her brother, but she also shot him in cold blood.

And before he gave into the sweet release of death, Lex let his sister in on a little secret: Kara Danvers is Supergirl! (Pause for gasps. … Oh, you already knew? … Oh, everyone already knew?) Curiously, though, Lena made no mention of this discovery when she showed up to game night. And when Kara asked if Lena would be playing on her team, she replied, “Always.” But if you thought this meant that Lena was unbothered by her friends’ deception, think again.

As for the world at large, an article penned by none other than Kara Danvers helped show Lex’s supporters that he was never the hero they thought he was. What’s more, it empowered the people to enact the 25th Amendment — removing the president from office — and to reinstate the Alien Amnesty Act. (And while we’re talking about good news, can we take a moment to bask in the glory of Alex and Kelly’s first kiss?)

The episode ended with Eve attempting to sneak out of town, only for a strange woman to stop her at the train station. When Eve begged to be let go, insisting that she did everything she was told, the woman replied, “Leviathan is everywhere. Leviathan is everyone. And Leviathan is coming.”

And Leviathan isn’t the only cause for concern as we head into the summer hiatus. The Monitor (‘member him?!) showed up in the episode’s final moments to greet an intergalactic traveler with a major axe to grind. “You’ve been trapped for too long, a phantom to your people,” he told the hooded figure. “Now it’s time to avenge yourself against the brother who wronged you.” And who is that brother, you ask? Why, it’s none other than J’onn! If that wasn’t enough, The Monitor then paid a visit to Lex, whom he may or may not have revived. I guess we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out for sure.

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