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A Million Little Things' Grace Park, David Giuntoli and EP DJ Nash Weigh In on Katherine's Drastic Premiere Move

A Million Little Things Premiere Eddie Katherine Grace Park Interview SEason 2

Delilah may have given birth during A Million Little Things‘ Season 2 premiere, but Katherine delivered the hour’s biggest blow.

After Eddie told his estranged wife that he was the father of Delilah’s baby, they got a text that the woman in question was in labor. An upset Katherine ordered him to go to the hospital and be there for his new child. Then she packed her suitcase, arranged for Eddie to come take care of their son, Theo, and then took off for parts unknown. (Read a full premiere recap.)

By the end of the episode, Katherine still hadn’t returned home — and series creator/showrunner DJ Nash tells TVLine that, in his mind, her absence is a storytelling middle ground.

“Over the break, I struggled with being true to the women who would never want Katherine to take Eddie back and being true to the fans that would love to see them reconcile,” Nash says. “After the journey of bringing them closer and closer together all last season, it seemed even too heartbreaking for me to have that end there. So the question was: How do we keep Katherine’s authenticity?”

After all, he points out, Katherine helped Delilah save her house even after she knew about Eddie’s infidelity — a move that “shows a maturity and an understanding that I don’t think anyone else would show.” This new revelation, then, had to push her beyond her emotional limits: “We had to sort of break her,” the EP says.

Mission accomplished, says Grace Park, who plays Katherine — but she makes clear that Katherine “absolutely” suspected that Delilah’s child wasn’t actually Jon’s. “She’s not that naive. She understands how sex works,” Park says. But having a hunch is a very different thing from having that hunch verified. “When Eddie does pull her outside and he starts to say it, a part of her mind of course jumps to that and thinks, ‘Is this what he’s going to say?’ But she holds out and hopes and prays… and then she gets the bad news.”

A million things premiere recap season 2 episode 1Going into the start of the episode, David Giuntoli says, Eddie feels an “enormous” heartbreak, “because truly, he and Katherine were finding each other.” And once she sits down next to him on the van’s bumper in the premiere, “He knows this is not going to go well, but he has to start telling the truth.”

What truly rattles Eddie, Giuntoli continues, is that going into Episode 2, Katherine’s absence seems to be indefinite. “She’s bounced. That’s big,” he says. “What it really also brings home for Eddie is the idea that he hurt her so badly that she would leave her son. That’s not something in Katherine’s character.”

Theo’s mom’s extended absence is a “controversial move,” Nash acknowledges. “And that was built around us wanting to make sure Eddie suffers. There was a feeling that he hadn’t paid the price for what he did last season.” Knowing the pain he’s caused and having to put up a strong front for Theo, Nash adds, “hopefully makes us feel for Eddie.”