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The Affair's New Promo Hints at Justice for Alison Ahead of Series Finale

Will the truth about Alison’s death come to light in the final episodes of The Affair? A new promo suggests there’s hope.

In the above preview for Episode 6 (airing Sunday, Sept. 29), Joanie gets a hold of the police report that was filed following Alison’s death, which raises more questions than answers. She engages in a conversation with a woman who is out of frame and asks, “You sure it was suicide?”

Ruth Wilson’s Alison was killed off near the end of The Affair‘s fourth season. At the time, ex-husbands Cole and Noah were told by Det. Jeffries that Alison drowned herself near her Montauk home. However, in the penultimate Season 4 episode, it was revealed that she had died at the hands of love interest Ben (played by Ramón Rodríguez).

So far, the characters in The Affair remain in the dark about what really happened on the night that Alison died. With Cole dead and Noah M.I.A. in the future timeline, that leaves only Joanie to bring her mother’s killer to justice — assuming Ben is still alive in the mid-to-late 2050s.

In addition to the mystery surrounding Alison’s demise, the video introduces The Night Of‘s Michael Braun as EJ, an epigenetic scientist whose work in generational trauma “helps Joanie understand her life in a way she never has before,” according to the official character breakdown. (Joanie can be seen kissing him at the 19-second mark, because everyone on this show makes terrible, terrible decisions.)

Do you think Joanie will discover what really happened to Alison before The Affair signs off on Nov. 3?