This Is Us Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek: A Smitten Rebecca Asks Jack to Meet Her Folks (But There's a Problem)

We’ll leave it to you to decide who — This Is Us‘ Jack or Rebecca — is deeper in the throes of first love in this exclusive sneak peek at the show’s Season 4 premiere. But we’ll warn you: It’s a very close call.

The clip above is from the drama’s Tuesday, Sept. 24 return (9/8c), and it takes place just after the fledgling couple returns from their road trip to California. It appears that Jack tries to play it cool by waiting to call his new lady — he fails — but she quickly puts him at ease: Acting aloof “has never really been my thing, either,” she says, so taken with him that you can practically see the bow-and-arrow-toting cherubs circling her head.

Then the discussion turns to their plans for the evening, which take a left turn when Rebecca remembers she’s promised to have dinner with her parents and their friends at their fancy country club. And when she mentions that Jack would have to wear a jacket… well, you tell us if you think things are as OK as he’s making them seem.

As previously reported, Tim Matheson (The West Wing, Hart of Dixie) will recur in Season 4 as Rebecca’s father. He’ll play opposite Elizabeth Perkins (Sharp Objects), long known to This Is Us fans as Rebecca’s disapproving mother, Janet.

Press PLAY on the video above to listen in on Jack and Rebecca’s sweet conversation, then hit the comments: What are you looking forward to seeing happen on This Is Us this season?

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