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Superstore EP Reveals Season 5 Theme, Teases Health Scare for [Spoiler] — Plus: Watch a Sneak Peek

Superstore Season 5

Superstore is looking towards the future in Season 5, as the fate of Cloud 9 hangs in the balance.

While Mateo’s immigration imbroglio will be at the forefront of the premiere (more details on that here), the workplace comedy will also set a course that drives the episodes in a new, forward-thinking direction.

“An overall theme for this season is the future, stemming from the fact that a lot of retail stores are trying to prove that they’re still relevant in the face of online shopping,” co-showrunner Jonathan Green tells TVLine. “Cloud 9 [has] introduced an initiative called Cloud 9.0,” and “there’s a lot of automation going on.” That includes a new, self-acting floor cleaner with a very familiar name.

Changes at the Ozark Highlands store ultimately will inspire big, potentially life-changing decisions. “[Season 5] talks about the future being in the air, and all of our characters are dealing with versions of that,” Green says. Jonah, for instance, “is inspired by the union movement to think about stuff beyond Cloud 9,” while new district manager Maya (played by One Day at a Time‘s Justina Machado) “starts making Amy think about her [own] future more.” And while fans should not be overly concerned, floor worker Glenn is poised to suffer a health scare, “which leads him to think about his priorities a little bit.”

Superstore returns Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c on NBC. For more intel on Season 5, check out TVLine’s Fall TV Preview Spectacular and watch a sneak peek below.