The Good Doctor: Shaun Pays a Visit to Glassman (and Brings Tequila!) in Deleted Season 2 Scene — Watch

Shaun heads to Glassman’s house for a premature celebration in this exclusive deleted scene from The Good Doctor Season 2.

In the above clip from Episode 2, Shaun shows up at Glassman’s residence the night before his mentor’s brain surgery. He brings with him tequila and cigars, having been told that it’s customary to celebrate before going under the knife.

As viewers will recall, the scene that follows would find Glassman reckoning with his imminent procedure. He’d reveal to Shaun that he was worried the surgery would cause irreversible damage and impede on his own abilities as a surgeon. Thankfully, the M.D. would pull through and receive a clean bill of health by the end of Season 2.

This deleted scene is one of several featured on The Good Doctor Season 2 DVD, available on Tuesday. Additional extras include a gag reel and three featurettes: “Bringing Shaun’s Visions to Life,” “Diagnosing Shaun’s Visions,” and “Behind the Curtain of Key Scenes.”

In the upcoming Season 3 (premiering Monday, Sept. 23 at 10/9c), fans will get to see Glassman back at work at San Jose St. Bonaventure, as glimpsed in a recently released promo (which you can watch here). Meanwhile, Shaun will work “harder than he ever has before as he starts dating, while navigating his environment and relationships to prove to his colleagues that his talents as a surgeon will save lives.”

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