Doom Patrol Duo Celebrate Renewal, Revisit Season 1's Weirdest Hits (Including Giant Rat/Cockroach Love)

Doom Patrol — the show that featured a giant rat sloppily French-kissing a giant cockroach — was not just picked up for Season 2, but “heartily” renewed, “with vigor,” says its showrunner.

Hours before they would share the big news with fans at the San Diego Comic-Con, EP Jeremy Carver and cast member Diane Guerrero sneaked into TVLine’s video suite to celebrate the Season 2 order and weigh in on why DC Universe’s second live-action series struck such a chord.

“There is an element of weirdness and absurdity,” Carver noted, “but I think what feels refreshing is how these ‘superheroes’ approach things in a very non-traditional way [and face] non-traditional foes. It comes at the genre as a slider as opposed to a fastball down the middle.”

“That’s what I like to watch, so I wanted to be a part of this show,” said Guerrero. “This was exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Carver goes on to revisit what was initially a “terrifying” process of casting two actors for some roles — for example, Matthew Zuk is inside Negative Man’s bandages, while Matt Bomer voices the character (as well as appears in flashbacks). Guerrero then amusingly chimes in on how she at first didn’t quite grasp that concept!

Guerrero then takes us inside the process of portraying abuse survivor Jane and her many personalities, a task which hit a fever pitch in the episode “Jane Patrol” (for which she earned TVLine kudos).

From there, Carver hails some of Season 1’s best visual effects (many butts are involved), while Guerrero lists her favorite character moments. Wrapping things up, Carver teases the Season 2 plan to render Dorothy Spinner, who was glimpsed at the end of the freshman finale.

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