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Chicago Med Season 5: Colin Donnell Will Return for Connor's Exit Story

Colin Donnell Leaving Chicago Med

Dr. Connor Rhodes is checking back into Chicago Med: Colin Donnell will return for the Season 5 premiere to wrap up his character’s storyline, TVLine has confirmed.

In April, it was announced that Donnell — along with co-star Norma Kuhling (aka Dr. Ava Bekker) — would not be returning as a series regular in the fall. However, Connor’s story was left unfinished, with little closure, at the conclusion of the Season 4 finale. In the episode, Connor began to suspect that Ava was responsible for his dad Cornelius’ death. His ex was on a totally different wavelength, though, and tried to get back together with her beau. With Cornelius gone, there was nothing keeping them apart, she noted. Connor did not respond to that sentiment very well, exclaiming that their romance was finished.

“You ungrateful prick. Rot in hell,” an angry Ava replied before walking away from Connor. When asked in a TVLine poll how the NBC drama would explain Connor’s absence following that final interaction, the winning response was “Connor took the job at the Mayo Clinic to get away from Ava.”

US Weekly first reported the news of Donnell’s return.

Chicago Med Season 5 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on NBC.

Med fans, are you relieved that Connor will get a proper exit?