WarnerMedia's Streaming Service: Your Guide to the Upcoming Original Series

WarnerMedia Streaming Service Shows

Has streaming service fatigue set in yet? WarnerMedia sure hopes not, seeing as the AT&T-owned conglomerate is launching its own streamer sometime next year — and it’s coming with a whole slew of original series.

To be sure, the subscription service (which may be called HBO Max) will already have an impressive library without originals. It will bundle HBO, Cinemax and a collection of Warner Bros. properties, and many of Warner Bros. legacy series — including The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Seinfeld — will eventually be available to stream. (Plus, WarnerMedia has reportedly expressed interest in potential revivals or reboots of classic TGIF sitcoms, including Family Matters and Step by Step.)

But the company has also greenlit several original scripted series, featuring big names (Kaley Cuoco! Anna Kendrick!) and well-known titles (GremlinsDune!). To help you keep track of all those forthcoming series, we’ve compiled them in the attached photo gallery, which we’ll be updating as more projects are announced.

WarnerMedia’s service is expected to launch in beta later this year, with an official launch anticipated sometime in 2020. It will reportedly cost subscribers between $16 and $17 a month.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to view the full slate of WarnerMedia’s projects, then drop a comment and tell us which shows pique your interest.

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