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Did Younger Really Just Resurrect the 'Josh vs. Charles' Debate?

Younger Season 6

Just when we thought we (and Liza) were done agonizing over whether she’s meant to be with Josh or Charles, along came Wednesday’s Younger to remind us that, as the great philosopher Katy Perry recently mused, it’s never really over.

The TV Land comedy’s sixth season premiere concluded with Josh learning that he is, in fact, the father of Claire’s unborn child, something Liza had been agonizing about for most of the episode. “It’s funny,” Josh told her. “You and I broke up because you didn’t want me to have to give up having a kid. And now I’m having a kid, and you’re with someone else. Timing.” Liza’s response? Simply “timing,” coupled with a curious little smile.

So, what should we take away from this interaction? As Sutton Foster put it during an interview with TVLine, “Josh seems like this itch that she keeps f–ing scratching. He’s just still in there. … Liza is very much in a relationship with Charles this season, and it’s a good one, but Josh is just this entity that’s still with her.”

Added Debi Mazar, “Maggie is supportive of Liza’s decision to be with whoever she wants to be with, but Josh is still lingering around a little bit — and I see
the spark!” Nico Tortorella simply replied, “I’m so tired of that Liza-Charles relationship.” (Gee, why aren’t we surprised that Tortorella is on #TeamJosh?)

And when TVLine spoke with series creator Darren Star back in Sept. 2018, he confirmed that Josh and Charles are “both still real, viable choices for Liza. They both come with complications, but no relationship is perfect — let’s put it that way.”

How do you feel about Younger potentially digging up what many thought to be a long-buried debate? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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