Younger Boss: Josh Remains a 'Real, Viable' Option for Liza in Season 6

Younger Season 6 Spoilers

Younger fans still hoping for a Josh/Liza reunion received an unexpected gift in Tuesday’s season finale… before being dealt a most unexpected blow. Mere minutes after Josh, under the influence of Lauren’s mystery brew, envisioned a future with Liza (and a baby!), he was greeted at his door by his ex-wife Claire and her own burgeoning baby bump.

To be fair, Josh/Liza ‘shippers haven’t gotten much hope in Season 5, save for a few scenes in which Caitlin insisted that the former couple is overdue for a romantic reunion, but the idea of Josh starting a family with someone else really feels like the nail in the coffin for him and Liza. Fortunately, series creator Darren Star assures TVLine that Josh and Charles are “both still real, viable choices for Liza. They both come with complications, but no relationship is perfect — let’s put it that way.”

Indeed, no relationship — including Liza and Charles’ — is perfect, as evidenced by the look of uncertainty they shared in the finale’s closing moments. As Star explains, “their relationship has always been a bit of a fantasy. They didn’t really know each other until this season, which has been about getting past the illusion and into reality. … It doesn’t mean unhappily ever after, just realistically ever after.”

As for whether he’ll lets the fans’ desires dictate which of Liza’s suitors she ends up with, Star says, “You can’t pay too much attention [to what individuals want], but I love that the fans are engaged. There are fans of both camps, and there are fans who wanted Liza with Charles, but now that they’re together, they say, ‘It’s not what we thought!’ And then there are others who are happy that they’re together. There’s no perfect solution.”

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