Younger Creator Makes It Official: Were Charles and Liza Destined to Meet?

Younger Charles & Liza

It’s been a true summer of love for Younger‘s Charles and Liza. The will-they-won’t-they couple — or the should-they-shouldn’t-they couple, if you happen to work in HR at Empirical — is finally throwing caution to the wind and giving their relationship a fighting chance, even if they have to keep things under wraps.

The bold decision was made during this season’s somewhat unexpected Christmas episode after Liza and Charles bumped into one another at Bob and Julia’s holiday party. Blissfully unaware that they already knew each other (from work… and beyond), Bob and Julia introduced them in the hopes that Cupid’s arrow might strike a few months early.

This encounter got a lot of fans, myself included, thinking: If Liza hadn’t lied about her age and scored a gig at Empirical, she still would have ended up at this party, since Caitlin and Rose would still be college roommates. And as a longtime friend of the family, Charles likely would have also attended the party — which means Liza and Charles were destined to enter each other’s lives one way or another.

Seeking confirmation on just how fated Liza and Charles really are, we turn to Younger creator Darren Star, who admits that “they would have met either way,” even if he calls it an “unintentional” development. “After it was scripted and shot, we looked at it and realized, ‘Yes, that’s the case,'” he says. “But we weren’t even thinking about that going into the episode.”

In fact, trying to set Charles up with Liza wasn’t the direction Star originally saw Bob and Julia going in. “We thought of a lot of different variations on what that couple would eventually do,” he says. “I felt like they were being kept around as people who might expose Liza’s secret as opposed to someone who might introduce her to Charles.”

Still, it’s probably too soon to say that Charles and Liza are out of the woods. Considering last week’s episode ended with Cheryl Sussman catching them in the act, it’s safe to assume the couple’s biggest challenges await in Tuesday’s season finale (TV Land, 10/9c.).

Are you enjoying the season of Charles and Liza? How do you hope it all ends? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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