Was Younger's Romantic Holiday Twist the Gift You Were Hoping For?

Younger Recap

Christmas came early for fans of a certain ‘ship on TV Land’s Younger.

Tuesday’s episode — set around the holidays, because we could all use a little festive cheer right about now — provided a fresh start for Liza and Charles, who were “introduced” to one another at Bob and Julia’s annual Christmas party. Of course, the couple had no idea that they’re already well acquainted, so when Charles complimented Liza’s Sound of Music performance with a playful “Quite an act you’ve got there,” it went right over their heads.

With a line of communication finally open between them, Liza and Charles further bonded over their devotion to their respective children. So when Liza told him that everything she did was to provide a better life for her and Caitlin, everything suddenly clicked. All it took was an in-cab advertisement for The Sound of Music‘s return to Broadway to convince Charles to cancel his holiday getaway and hightail it to Brooklyn… where he and Liza kissed under the falling snow.

But because this is Younger, the big Liza-Charles kiss came after a scene in which Caitlin urged Josh not to give up on her mom, telling him that he’s the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time. Frankly, I’m just glad the episode didn’t end with Josh seeing the big kiss — we’ve been down that road before.

Elsewhere this week…

* Kelsey’s balancing act finally proved too difficult to keep up when Jake asked Charles if he could work solely with her moving forward. This confirmed all of Zane’s suspicions about Kelsey and Jake’s extracurricular involvement, prompting a judgmental (but not totally undeserved) “I hope it was worth it.”

* With a little help from Enzo — and a well-lit Christmas tree — Diana was able to slow down and enjoy the holiday. (I love these two together so, so much.)

* And Maggie discovered that becoming a part of Penelope and Luca’s collection really meant becoming their artistic slave, complete with a set of golden handcuffs. Always one to stick to her guns, Maggie informed them that no amount of trips to St. Barts are worth being in “the artistic sunken place.”

Your thoughts on this week’s festive hour? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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