The Voice Season 17: Five Ways We'd Tune Up the Long-Running Sing-Off

the-voice-season-17-changes rules format adam levine

Well, The Voice has already made one change for the better ahead of Season 17: Maybe you have heard — there’s been a story here and there — that original seat filler Adam Levine has vacated his swivel chair. But his being replaced by veteran coach Gwen Stefani doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room for improvement to NBC’s long-running singing competition.

On the contrary. Since the show is coming off of not only its lowest-rated season finale ever but also its lowest-rated season ever, it might be more than advisable, downright necessary, to make further alterations to the heretofore-successful format. Luckily, TVLine has a few ideas about how The Voice might be tuned up.

Included in our wish list are nips and tucks that would focus the spotlight on the singers’ talent rather than on their backstories, allow the coaches to say what we’re all thinking (and hearing!), discard a round that is rivaled in unpopularity only by Levine, and remove a certain button that’s always pushed our buttons.

To check out our list of suggested fixes, click on the gallery to the right (or go here for direct access). When you’ve made it to No. 1, hit the comments with the ways you would revamp the show.

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