Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 'Never Thought' Jaime Would Kill Cersei in Season 8: 'He Wouldn't Do That'

Game of Thrones Season 8

Before Jaime and Cersei Lannister ultimately met their demise in a pile of King’s Landing rubble, many a Game of Thrones fan suspected the Kingslayer might off his own sister.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, however, did not entertain that idea.

In an interview with EW.com, Coster-Waldau said he “never thought [Jaime] would kill Cersei,” insisting his character “wouldn’t do that.”

The theory that Jaime might murder his sister/lover began to circulate after Episode 4 of the HBO drama’s final season, in which Jaime went back to King’s Landing — and to Cersei — shortly after sleeping with Brienne. Despite Brienne’s tearful pleas for Jaime to stay with her, the Lannister son recounted all of the heinous things he’s done on Cersei’s behalf, acknowledging that his sister “is hateful — and so am I.”

In the show’s penultimate episode, Jaime and Cersei perished in each other’s arms as the crumbling Red Keep fell on top of them — and according to Coster-Waldau, such a death was inevitable. (Read our obituaries for Jaime and Cersei.)

“I thought it was a great ending for that couple. She was never going to surrender,” he revealed. “And he says it to Bronn in Season 4. Bronn asked, ‘How would you want it to end?’ And Jaime says, ‘In the arms of the woman I love.’ So this was foreshadowed and that’s what happened.”

The actor admitted, though, that he’d hoped for Jaime and Cersei to have more time together after reuniting, before they eventually met their demise.

“I wish there’d been more stuff with Cersei once they finally meet in the climax,” he said. “But there are a lot of characters in this show. It’s very satisfying to be part of something that ends.”

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