Younger Season 6 Trailer: Who Gets Arrested? Who's (Not) Having Sex? And Is Josh Going to Be a Dad?

Just when you thought Liza couldn’t blow up her life any further, along comes the trailer for Younger‘s upcoming sixth season, premiering on Wednesday, June 12 (TV Land, 10/9c).

Less than 20 seconds into the preview, Liza awkwardly addresses everyone at the office — complete with Kermit-like arm flailing — to confirm the rumors that she’s the employee having an affair with Charles. But while this confession may provide momentary relief for Liza, it doesn’t look like Diana is too thrilled with the news. (She may be happy with Enzo, but you can’t deny that she’s staring daggers at her former assistant when she enters an event on Charles’ arm.)

And that’s just a taste of the drama happening at Empirical Millennial, which is experiencing some growing pains as a result of the “regime change.” (Without giving too much away, that scene with Laura Benanti pounding her fists on the table is an instantly iconic moment.)

Other trailer highlights include: Liza accidentally telling Charles she loves him, Kelsey trying to figure out where she is with Zane, Liza and Charles indulging in some sort of musical dance fantasy, Josh spending some time with Claire (who might not be his baby mama), and Diana and Kelsey… getting arrested? Now that’s a crisis.

Hit PLAY on the trailer above for your first look at Younger Season 6, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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