Madam Secretary to End With Season 6

Madam Secretary Cancelled No Season 6 CBS

Madam Secretary‘s recently-ordered sixth season will be its last, CBS announced on Wednesday. The 10-episode farewell run “will tie up the storyline,” said network prez Kelly Kahl, who added, “We liked to be able to do this, to send show the off with a great deal of respect and celebration.”

As series co-creators Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary told TVLine after the Season 5 finale, upcoming episodes likely will chronicle Elizabeth’s experiences as a candidate in a political primary and presidential election.

“We’ve always been about pulling back the curtain on the State Department and showing the process of diplomacy, so this is going to be pulling back the curtain on a campaign and everything that that involves,” Hall said. Viewers will recall that, after some back-and-forth with her conscience — how to leave all the good and necessary work at State behind, Elizabeth wondered? — McCord eventually announced her run for the Oval Office in the final moments of the season-ender.

Madam Secretary, which had been on the bubble at the end of several of its recent seasons, wrapped Season 5 on April 21 with a 0.4 rating and 4.8 million total viewers, holding steady in the demo but bringing in its second-smallest audience ever.

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