Game of Thrones Series Finale Trailer: Get Your First Peek at the Bitter End

It’s the end of Game of Thrones as we know it, and I’d like wine.

Because without a bit of liquid courage, how am I to process the fact that one of the biggest series in television history is about to go off the air forever?

Sunday’s episode saw the deaths of a whole lot of characters, as well as the near-complete destruction of King’s Landing at the hand of a decidedly… we’ll say, “angry” queen. (Read a full recap here.)

The trailer for next week’s series finale doesn’t offer a ton of clues about how it’ll all end. We see Tyrion, Arya, and Daenerys, as well as a whole lot of Unsullied and Dothraki fighters. But the lack of dialogue and abundance of worrisome looks — much like in the trailer for Episode 5 — means there’s a whole lot we don’t know about how Dany’s first day on the new job will go. But “badly” and “bloodily” are our two main guesses.

Thrones‘ series finale airs Sunday, May 19, at 9/8c. A two-hour, behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Season 8 will air Sunday, May 26, at 9/8c.

Click on the video above to get a sense of how the series finale will play out. And then after you’ve watched it a few hundred times, hit the comments and let us know who you think will be left standing by the time the final credits roll.

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