Angie Tribeca Cancelled at TBS

TBS is asking Angie Tribeca to hand in her gun and badge. The goofy cop comedy starring Rashida Jones has been cancelled after a four-season run, our sister site Variety is reporting.

The Naked Gun-esque comedy starred Jones (Parks and Recreation) as the titular LAPD detective, with rapid-fire puns and sight gags whizzing past as fast as bullets. Hayes MacArthur and Deon Cole both co-starred as fellow cops Jay Geils and DJ Tanner — you see what we mean by “goofy”? — but both exited as series regulars before the fourth and final season. Jere Burns (Lt. Atkins) and Andrée Vermeulen (Dr. Scholls), though, remained alongside Jones in the main cast for all four seasons.

Angie Tribeca debuted back in January 2016, but fans sensed it wasn’t long for this world when Season 4 — featuring new cast addition Bobby Cannavale — was delayed for a year and a half and then was released by TBS all at once in a marathon binge last December. The cancellation caps Tribeca‘s run at a total of 40 episodes.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the news. Will you miss giggling along with Angie Tribeca? Hit the comments and share your reaction to the cancellation.

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