Game of Thrones Episode 5 Photos: Cersei Simmers, Jon Catches Up

Game of Thrones SEason 8 Episode 5 PHotos

Daenerys’ face in the closing shot of last week’s Game of Thrones was perhaps the polar opposite of what we see in this week’s episode: Following the death of her translator Missandei, new photos make it seem as though the dragon queen is despondent.

The previously released trailer for this Sunday’s Episode 5 painted a picture of two sides readying for battle. Cersei surveyed King’s Landing from her perch above the city. Jon, Davos and Tyrion looked upon the Lannister daughter’s considerable forces. Euron gazed up (in horror?) as we heard a dragon’s shriek in the distance.

Now some static shots from the upcoming installment depict khaleesi at sea (figuratively), her ships at sea (literally), Jon arriving in King’s Landing (finally) and Tyrion peering at someone or something with abject horror/surprise/disbelief/some mix of the three (gulp).

Oh, and in case you need a refresher on who the man astride a horse in front of all those soldiers is, it’s Harry Strickland, leader of the Golden Company. Strickland was the one who disappointed Cersei in the season premiere with the news that the army’s legendary elephants hadn’t made the voyage across the sea.

Click on the gallery at right — or access it directly here — to see the new photos. Then hit the comments with your predictions for the episode!

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