Game of Thrones Episode 5 Trailer: Silent and Deadly

There’s absolutely no dialogue, save the beginnings of a dragon screech, in Game of Thrones‘ new trailer for Episode 5. So how come we’re filled with so much dread?

Could it be because nearly every visual in the brief preview shows armies poised on the knife’s edge of war? Maybe because Daenerys seems to have finally lost her grasp on balanced leadership? Or because Cersei, who has never hesitated to kill to make a point, did so with even more chill than usual in the latest installment?

Or maybe it’s because, even though there are only two installments left in Game of Thrones‘ final season, there are still so many characters who could bite it. The action isn’t slowing down, and neither are Euron and his big-ass arrows.

In the video, Jon looks worried. (Normal.) Tyrion looks very worried. (Also normal.) Euron looks worried. (Not normal at all.) In fact, the only person who looks unflapped by the whole affair is our fearless Queen Cersei, who peers out over King’s Landing with her usual aplomb.

Press PLAY on the preview video above to watch what’s ahead in Episode 5, then hit the comments with your quick predictions for the final two episodes ever.

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