Shameless: Noel Fisher to Return as Mickey for Season 10

Shameless Cameron Monaghan Noel Fisher

Good news for Ian Gallagher, not to mention “Gallavich” ‘shippers: Noel Fisher will reprise his role as Mickey Milkovich during Season 10 of Showtime’s Shameless. UPDATE: The actor will be a series regular next season.

The show’s official Twitter announced the return with a shadowy video of Mickey attempting to break his way out of jail, and modified their account in a way that made it appear to have been hacked, liberally RTing those who supported the hacking theory. But TVLine has confirmed the news to be bona fide.

As viewers will recall, in what was supposed to be Cameron Monaghan’s final episode, Ian was reunited with his ex Mickey in jail. Then in January, it was revealed that Monaghan would return for Season 10, leaving fans to wonder what that would mean for Ian and Mickey’s relationship.

For his part, Monaghan — who welcomed back his co-star on Twitter — told reporters in February that he would like to see Ian “instead of just looking for a relationship or resolving relationship conflict to instead be working on himself and focusing on that capacity. I think it’s interesting that he worked his way up, got his life on track, and then completely kind of wrecked it, unfortunately. Some of that wasn’t fully his fault. But I think that seeing him really learn to lead the family, take care of himself and be on the straight and narrow, and how to work with that would be a very interesting arc for him. So I’d like to see something outside of just him searching and being single.”

Fisher next can be seen in the CBS limited series The Red Line, premiering Sunday, April 28.

Press PLAY below to watch the NSFW video announcement, then hit the comments with your thoughts.


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