Grey's Anatomy Recap: Did Megan Just Doom Teddy and Tom's Romance?

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In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Megan thought that the biggest surprise on tap was going to be her showing up in Seattle without her brother knowing she was coming. But it was actually she who was in for the real shock — when she learned that Teddy was also in town, expecting a baby with Owen and doing his job at Grey Sloan… but not at last with him. When Megan’s head finally stopped spinning, what she did next I feared set the stage for Teddy to exchange Koracick, the guy who loves her and only her, for Owen, the guy who loves her when he doesn’t love Amelia. Do you share my worry? Let’s go over the episode’s salient points, then we can move the discussion to the comments.

‘I DON’T WANT TO RAISE A BABY IN A HOTEL ROOM’ | As “The Whole Package” began, Alex’s worries about Jo continued to grow. She’d missed work all week, owing to what she insisted was “just a bug,” and still refused to talk to him about what went down with her mother in Pittsburgh. At Grey Sloan, Jackson and Mer checked in on Richard and Catherine, who’d just undergone radiation but was clearly feeling fine. “A potato wouldn’t have cooked in the time that I was in there,” she snapped, annoyed that people were fussing over her. At least her mood improved when Jackson and Mer told her that they had a patient being flown in from L.A. for an abdominal wall, penis and scrotum transplant. “My baby brought me a penis!” she then exclaimed. Elsewhere in the hospital, Owen and Amelia were communicating through Leo when they bumped into Teddy and Tom, who seemed to be house-hunting. “I’m looking at houses,” clarified Altman, who didn’t seem keen on having the hotel staff change her daughter’s diapers along with the sheets. “You can always stay with me,” said Owen, making it clear that Koracick had not, as I thought, gotten through to him. “I have lotsa room and baby supplies.” At the same time, Bailey was perturbed to learn that the compliance reports that Alex had been supposed to fill out — and which were due the following day — had not been filled out. She was even more perturbed to discover that Levi had disappeared so fast after introducing her to students from the STEM Leadership Program that she couldn’t pawn them off on the intern!

Finally, Mer and DeLuca compared notes on Richard — they’d both been avoiding working with him as best they could since he walked in on their tryst at Catherine’s party. However, DeLuca couldn’t avoid Webber anymore — he’d given him a lap appy, but not just as a surgery, Andrew felt. It seemed to him like it was a test, to determine whether he was worthy of Mer. In Maggie’s blue room, Amelia, rattled by her interaction with Owen, Teddy and Tom, tried to remind herself, and Piece along with her, that now “I’m having aerobic sex” — just as Bailey happened by with STEM kids. #awkward As for Megan, she was thrilled to learn from Mer that Teddy was in Seattle… which tipped off Grey to the fact that Owen’s sister had zero idea what had transpired between him and the women in his life since last she was in town. Mer texted a heads-up to Owen, but it was too late to do any good. When Megan saw Owen and Teddy, she embraced them and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that you two had finally gotten together — and you’re having a baby?” Needless to say, Megan didn’t take the truth well. In fact, she summed up the turn of events as “just so. Much. Stupidity.” Owen had screwed up so badly, “you gave [Teddy] your job instead of a ring!” Right on cue, Tom entered. “Is this your realtor?” Megan asked Teddy. Again, she did not take the truth well. She definitely puts the “fiery” in “fiery redhead.”

greys-anatomy-season-15-episode-20-recap-megan-returns abigail spencer‘THIS IS JUST A FRIEND DOING ANOTHER FRIEND’S LAUNDRY’ | Alex’s case of the week was Gus, a 10-year-old boy who has autism, whose parents reported that he’d been listless lately, not himself. Gus was tough to examine since he reacted negatively to being touched, but Karev eventually figured out — after distracting him with toys — that the youngster’s chest hurt when he walked. Turned out, he had a tumor on his thymus and was severely anemic. So Alex wouldn’t be able to operate until Gus had undergone a blood transfusion — which was also going to be tough, since it turned out that his blood was so rare, fewer than 50 people were known to have it. (Didn’t Sookie Stackhouse have that same type?) Despite obstacle upon obstacle, Alex promised that he and Team Grey Sloan wouldn’t give up until they’d fixed Gus. For that matter, Alex was determined to make Jo feel better, too. After he reported to Link that his wife had been shutting him out since she met her mother, Jo’s old buddy, at Karev’s request, reached out to her. Though he showed up at her door with what was said to be amazing chicken soup, she wasn’t interested in company. Or soup, for that matter.

Still, Link hung in there the way only a longtime pal could. He even reminded her of how, when he’d broken up with his redheaded bartender girlfriend with the Texas tattoo and become “a shell,” she wouldn’t leave him alone. “So this is revenge?” Jo asked. Finally, when she made her way to the kitchen, it looked like she might be warming to the idea of at least soup. But no, she was going for the vodka. Link would have one, too, he said. “I wasn’t offering,” she replied. By and by, Jo became tipsy enough to talk… a little. She recalled dating a waiter, a cute stoner from whom she’d fled when he’d told her he loved her. As soon as the words had left his mouth, she explained to Link, she’d felt like he was wrong, like no one should ever feel that way about her. So she had moved across town and started a new job as if their relationship had never happened. She’d also done that to a guy in high school. She’d always done it. “It’s in my wiring,” she said, adding that her mother had been a runner — and still was; Vicki couldn’t even sit in same room as Jo. “And my father… ” Nope. Jo couldn’t quite bring herself to finish the sentence. She did, however, finish off the vodka — and open a new bottle.

greys-anatomy-season-15-episode-20-recap-megan-returns abigail spencer‘YOU’RE THE NEIL ARMSTRONG OF JOHNSONS’ | While Jackson and Meredith retrieved the penis for Catherine’s surgery — wait, that sounds wrong — Grey couldn’t help but fret over Richard’s “test” for DeLuca, even though Andrew could do a lap appy in his sleep. Naturally, Jackson delighted in teasing her. “If you’re feeling this nervous,” he said, “imagine how DeLuca feels.” As for the recipient of the new organs, he was Caleb, an engaged soldier wounded in an IED blast in Afghanistan. He’d gone over the operation extensively with Megan in L.A. and was now in Seattle with his mom by his side until fiancée Anna could get there. Veteran Owen would also be pitching in during the surgery, though that didn’t stop Megan from pouting at him even as she drilled Levi on the procedures they’d be executing. Or thought they would be. When Anna arrived, Caleb flipped — turned out, he’d broken up with her months ago and therefore would not, as required, have a post-op support system to care for him. Livid, Catherine declared, “I am not giving that man a penis today!”… just as Bailey approached with the STEM kids. Alone with Jackson, Catherine reassured him that she wasn’t bailing on the surgery because she was scared or tired; Caleb needed a support system, it was that simple and that important. Megan balked at the notion of Owen trying to ride to the rescue by talking to Caleb, but he had a, ahem, point when he asked her, “Do you have a penis?” So the men took a stroll, during which Owen shared his own story and convinced Caleb to admit to Anna that he’d dumped her because he hadn’t wanted to saddle her with a mate who was missing a part of himself. “Sometimes when you give people a chance,” Hunt said, “they show up in ways you wouldn’t believe.” In the end, Caleb came clean with Anna, she stood by him, and Owen persuaded Catherine to go on with the transplants.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Mer discussed Richard. When Jackson had feared he was going to lose his mother, he’d thought it would just be him and Webber afterward; he forgot the fact that he had a biological father. Same with Mer as Thatcher lay dying. Only in that moment did she remember, “I have a father, and it’s not Richard Webber.” As Caleb’s surgery was completed, Catherine promised Jackson that if things got worse for her, she’d tell him. “I will not keep any more secrets from you.” Also, she loved his gift of this surgery! In the hall, Megan thanked her brother for saving the case — and strenuously encouraged him to do for himself what he’d done for Caleb; in other words, heal enough from the traumas he’s suffered to allow himself to be truly happy. She’d been traumatized, too, heaven knows. But she was in therapy — lots of therapy — for it. She and Nathan even went to couples therapy every week. And Owen needed some, big time. If he didn’t, she suggested, there would’ve been no way he’d have flown all the way to Germany, then not fought for Teddy after she threw him out upon learning that he’d just rolled out of bed with Amelia. “Owen, you’re not well,” she concluded. “Do the work to fix it.” And with those words, I saw our happy ending for Teddy and Tom evaporate before my eyes. (Just me? I’d be perfectly happy to be wrong about this.)

‘HE GOT A LITTLE SNIPPY WITH ME’ | Before DeLuca’s lap appy, he amused Richard by mistakenly thinking that the patient was hitting on him. “I’m hot, right?” she said. But she’d only been trying to make sure that he didn’t leave her with a scar. During the operation, Richard asked the resident, “Where do you see this going longterm?” Thinking Webber meant his relationship with Mer, he replied that he didn’t know, they hadn’t talked about it yet, but OMG, she made him happy. Of course, Richard was only inquiring about DeLuca’s surgical career. Had he thought about a specialty? “General surgery is attractive,” he said. As the procedure grew suddenly complicated, DeLuca leapt into action, becoming, as Richard put it “terse.” Following what became a — successful — four-hour surgery, DeLuca admitted that he’d “wanted to show I was worthy of… ” Yes? “A career in general surgery.” Well, Mer is in charge of that, Webber said. “I could put in a good word.” And, as the hour drew to a close, he did just that, giving Grey the thumbs-up on DeLuca as both a surgeon and a boyfriend.

Nearby, Bailey apologized to the STEM students for not having been a better Yoda for them that day. She could be, just not that day. Nonetheless, the kids had been blown away by what they’d seen. “Better than Yoda, you were,” said one. And the surprises just kept coming: Bailey then learned from Schmitt that the reports she’d been worried about were, in fact, done — Alex always delegated drudgery like that to the interns. “Karev did something better than us,” she admitted to Richard. “And he can never know,” Webber replied. When Alex got home, he found Jo blotto watching cartoons. Link told him that he and Jo had been through a lot over the years, but he’d never seen her this rough before. “I want to help,” Link said. “I don’t know how.” Sadly, the “derailment” of Jolex that Camilla Luddington previously teased appeared to be underway. So, are you as worried about Teddy and Tom as I am? Grey’s wouldn’t really break up Jolex after all they’ve been through, would it? And shouldn’t Megan move to Seattle? Hit the comments.

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