This Is Us' Flash-Forward: The Latest Intel on the Pearsons' Enigmatic Future

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This post contains spoilers for This Is Us‘ Season 3 finale. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

What does sidewalk chalk have to do with an old woman as she (possibly) nears the end of her life? Yeah, we’ve got no clue — but This Is UsSeason 3 finale has given us plenty of reasons to guess.

Fans of the show will recall that in December, the midseason finale answered one question — a woman who’d often been referenced but not seen is, indeed, Rebecca — but we still had no idea why Tess, Randall, Toby and Beth seem so somber as they prepare to visit her.

The final moments of Tuesday’s episode once more flashed forward to a time in the future where Randall is a bit grayer, Toby is maybe no longer married and Tess is an adult who helps place foster children with new families. And oh, Jack’s estranged brother Nicky just happens to be sitting vigil by an ailing Rebecca’s bedside?

Anyway, now that we have another piece of the Pearson puzzle, we thought it was time for us to add it to our ongoing “What the heck is going on?” investigation. So we’ve gathered all of the flash-forward information in the gallery at right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and important intel from interviews with the show’s stars and producers.

We’ll continue to update this compendium of clues as the revelations continue. So flip through the gallery — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments with the clues you’ve noticed, theories you’ve brewed up and anything else related to the future of the Pearson fam!

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