TV Shows Ending in 2019: Broad City, Game of Thrones and 35+ More

TV Shows Ending In 2019

When 2019 began, we knew that at least 23 beloved shows would soon be leaving us. Three months later, that number has jumped to 40. Math!

So, which shows have joined the ranks of The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and Jane the Virgin? Well, thanks to Netflix and Marvel’s semi-conscious uncoupling, we’ve added a pair of superhero series to our list. (R.I.P., Jessica Jones and The Punisher!) And we didn’t forget about all you Bronies out there — we’re pouring one out for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, too. (Hey, nine seasons is nothing to shake a horn at!)

Because time is an ever-marching penguin, we’ve also updated our original gallery with the freshest premiere and finale dates (Broad City says goodbye in just four days!), and we’ve noted which shows already ended earlier this year.

For now, we’re omitting shows like The CW’s Arrow and History’s Vikings, whose final episodes could potentially stretch into early 2020. And don’t even ask us about the end of Supernatural, which was announced by its stars on Friday. We’re still processing the news.

Browse our gallery of shows reaching their conclusions this year — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below: Which show(s) will you miss most?