Charmed Sneak Peek: Have the Sisters Finally Solved Their Mother's Murder?

Last week’s Charmed blew the lid off its season-long murder mystery, finally revealing the person responsible for the witches’ mother’s death. So why is everybody acting like nothing happened?

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), which picks up shortly after Macy discovered that not-so-sweet Charity killed Marisol in cold blood. Never mind the fact that Macy also watched Charity take out Elder Bari before her very eyes.

“Last night is a little bit fuzzy for me for some reason,” Macy tells her sisters over breakfast. She maintains that she doesn’t remember anything that happened the night before, including how she ended up with strange burn marks on her arm.

Things get even sketchier when Charity waltzes into the kitchen and immediately starts dodging Macy’s questions about her demonic test results. “Well, the circumstances are totally unprecedented, which is probably why Elder Bari is taking her time,” she explains unconvincingly.

Charmed was recently renewed for a second season, as part of The CW’s mass pick-up back in January. And as TVLine recently reported, the show will soon welcome Pretty Little Liars‘ Chloe Bridges as Tessa, the sisters’ new Whitelighter. (Wait, what’s happening to Harry?)

Hit PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at Sunday’s Charmed, then drop a comment with your thoughts on this fast-unfolding mystery: Did Charity really kill Marisol?

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