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Legends of Tomorrow Spoilers

Which of the Legends of Tomorrow is getting a kid? Which bad penny will resurface in Magnum P.I.‘s finale? Who on Lucifer will find love? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Any scoop on Magnum P.I.’s first season finale? –Bruno

Magnum‘s ex-girlfriend appeared in Episode 15, and has a connection with Episode 1. When will we see her again? —Katia

I see your two birds and raise you one stone. In the CBS freshman’s season finale (airing Monday, April 1), “Magnum’s biggest Achilles heel, his former love Hannah (returning guest star Jordana Brewster) returns, landing right in Thomas’ living room with a gunshot wound in the abdomen,” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells Inside Line. “Thomas has a lot of questions: Why did she turn him and his SEAL brothers into the Taliban? Did she ever really love him? And why does she need his help now? You know, all the important questions….” (This is where I segue to say that if you have questions about TV’s “Lenkoverse,” tickets are still available for the Hawaii Five-0/MacGyver/Magnum P.I. PaleyFest event in Los Angeles, via paley.me/actiontrio.)

Most of the team members in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have not worn their superhero costumes yet this season. Will we get to see them in their costumes in the second half at all? –Derrick

Yes, and then some! “Many of them will appear in their iconic costumes, others will appear in other characters’ costumes which they, err, ‘borrowed,’” teases EP Phil Klemmer. “And for a brief time, Nate/Steel with have a super-suited sidekick called Kid Steel.” Klemmer went on to say, “It’s interesting that you ask this question about supersuits because in the finale the Legends will question, ‘What makes a superhero? Why do people look up to superheroes? Is wearing a costume integral to being a superhero?’ and finally, ‘Do we need to wear our supersuits in order to save the world?'”

ANY Blindspot scoop, PLEASE!? –Audrey

In this Friday’s episode, “Jaimie Alexander’s real life boyfriend Tom Pelphrey (right) guest-stars as a troubled person from Jane’s criminal past,” notes showrunner Martin Gero. Also, ”Rich has been diligently working on a side-project he’s been hiding from the team, but finally he’ll reveal his secret…he has made a massive playable table top game based on the team’s adventures. I can’t wait for people to see this!” Bonus scoop: Sources confirm for me that the NBC drama is filming a portion of its season finale on location in Iceland

What the status is of NBC’s Miami Vice reboot? I heard a lot of news when it was announced, and then nothing. —Ansing
[Cue “In the Air Tonight”] I asked around for you, and the reboot — announced a year-and-a-half ago — is no longer in active development.

I’m dying for spoilers about the Roswell, New Mexico episode that Shiri Appleby directed (airing March 19). Please tell me there’s some good Max/Liz swoon headed our way! —Courtney
Showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie tells Inside Line, “I wanted Shiri to direct this specific episode because it contains an homage to my favorite moment from the OG Roswell. Shiri did an incredible job — particularly with Max and Liz’s first truly honest conversation since Liz learned the truth about Max’s involvement with her sister’s death.”

Why did The Flash’s adult Grace kill the doctor that was taking care of her as a child and helping her uncle? —TBookFan
I ran this question by guest star Sarah Carter (Falling Skies) just moments before publishing this column, as I too was shocked to see Future Grace slay (the admittedly unethical) Ambres. “In the next episode, the answer to that becomes clear,” she said. “But I can tell you that she feels like the doctor took her uncle’s powers away” — and adult Grace is now out to restore them.

Do you know anything about Lucifer‘s Season 4 release date? Or maybe you have some teases about it? –Maria
Season 4 will hit Netflix… later this year (exact date TBA). But on the scoop front, Lesley Ann Brandt told me on set, “Maze does fall in love this season,” adding: “Season 3 explored what relationships and friendships feel like and how you can be let down and make up, while Season 4 is now about her finding her someone.” And hopefully someone who is cool with a knife being kept under the pillow.

Anything new on Titans Season 2? —Brett
In addition to introducing its versions of Superboy and Deathstroke, the DC Universe series is also casting the series regular role of a kickass biracial young woman who lets nothing stand in her way, even if it means snuffing someone to get it. Any theories on the character being cast?

The Innocents isn’t mentioned on your streaming shows scorecard. Can you please use your scoop power to get Netflix to admit they quietly cancelled it so we can move on? –Drew

Netflix itself is mum, but sources confirm for me that the series will not see Season 2.

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