Grey's Anatomy Reveals Jo's Mom — Plus, [Spoiler] and [Spoiler] Hook Up

greys anatomy season 15 episode 17 recap amelia link sex

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. If you’d rather watch first, read later, back away, stat.

Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy was so action-packed and eventful, I had to check a calendar to make sure we weren’t in sweeps again! Not only did the sheep hit the fan where Vincenzo’s baby-in-a-bag project was concerned, but a new couple started playing doctor, and we got our first peek at Jo’s mom. Oh, and Jackson made a merman. Say what? Read on, and all will become clear.

greys anatomy season 15 episode 17 recap amelia link sex‘WE’RE MAKING FISH PEOPLE!’ | As “And Dream of Sheep” began, Mer delivered coffee as a peace offering to DeLuca, who’d spent yet another night at the hospital working on Vincenzo’s project. “I guess I was wrong about your dad,” she admitted (unwittingly about a day too soon). As tired and tied up as DeLuca was, he still made time for a tender make-out session with Mer. And, were he to get home to his place one night that week, would she stay? Oh yes. In fact, she called that “the best idea I’ve ever heard.” Elsewhere at Grey Sloan, Jackson was observing Dahlia, Casey and Levi honing their scalpel skills on fish when Maggie stopped in to announce that she wanted to cancel her appearance the following day on Good Morning Seattle. “It’s not even about medicine anymore,” she told her beau. She and her surprise parentage had become “morning-show fodder.” Jackson reassured her that the interview had been inspired in the first place by her brilliance. And besides, “it’s not like you’re going in there to make French toast.” After she left, Jackson revealed to the interns why they were working on fish rather than cadavers. Their patient was a poor fellow named Rick who was so covered in scales, he looked like he’d been hospitalized on his way to an Aquaman audition.

At the same time, Bailey was in her/Alex’s office questioning the wisdom of Grey Sloan’s interim chief OKing Vincenzo’s project, given his history of mental illness, when Taryn interrupted to suggest that Karev might want to take a stroll past the lab, where it turned out the elder DeLuca was engaged in a shouting match with his kids. “He lost the lamb,” Carina told Alex and Bailey. Just one, though, Vincenzo shot back. When she suggested that he was working too fast, he threw her out. Shortly, DeLuca offered to get Carina back on the project, but she didn’t want to be back on it. She was furious that the signs of their father’s bipolar disorder were so obvious, yet her brother was as determined as Vincenzo to deny it. After she stomped off, DeLuca assured Alex that this was just the dynamic between his dad and sister. But was it? In the ambulance bay, Teddy snapped at a tardy Owen, who revealed that Amelia was not only at a conference but out of the picture altogether. Then, as they wheeled in husband-and-wife traumas, even though Teddy hadn’t criticized Owen’s parenting at all, he snapped, “Suddenly, I feel like I’m auditioning to be a father.” Easy, Tiger. While Owen, Schmitt and Nico treated the husband, he revealed that his wife Lizzie was five months pregnant. So Hunt went next door and asked Teddy to trade with him. Just because she was expecting? No thanks, said Teddy. “I’m fine.”

greys anatomy season 15 episode 17 recap amelia link sex‘GO HOME AND HAVE KORACICK RUB YOUR FEET’ | After Carina was paged to the pit by Teddy, she told Lizzie that her baby was fine. Which infuriated Teddy, because the patient’s belly was full of blood, meaning that she might have to remove the uterus along with the baby — a death sentence for the kiddo. If that came to pass, “you just made it so much harder for her to hear,” Teddy told Carina. “So please keep your mouth shut.” Sheesh. Carina was having a bad week. Shortly, Teddy reported to Owen that she’d been able to keep Lizzie, her uterus and her baby intact. Lizzie would be fine as long as she didn’t re-bleed. Still, the doc was going to spend the night in her patient’s room, just in case. When Owen was unable to convince Teddy to go home and let him keep an eye on Lizzie for her, he joined her in the room — and, since Koracick was away, got enlisted to rub his babymama’s feet. Alas, it soon turned out that Teddy would have to perform an emergency hysterectomy on Lizzie after all. Meanwhile, when Vincenzo complained to his son that Carina had turned on him, DeLuca insisted that that wasn’t the case, and furthermore, his tantrums were making it hard for Junior to defend his dad. OK, said Vincenzo. He’d talk to Carina and make nice. Not now, DeLuca said. Carina had a patient who might lose her baby. “Why?” asked Vincenzo, an idea clearly already forming in his head. Next thing we — or Teddy and Carina — knew, Vincenzo had swooped in and filled Lizzie and her husband’s heads with the idea that oh yes, he could definitely save the baby with his gestational Ziploc.

Off that shock, Teddy ran to Alex to ask if it was really possible to save both Lizzie and the baby. And apparently, it wasn’t since Karev then interrupted a DeLuca family argument to tell Vincenzo, “You can’t promise fake procedures to my patients!” As Carina and Alex reentered the fray to deal with the mess that Vincenzo had made, DeLuca told his dad to stay put in the lab. “You’ve done enough,” he huffed, prompting the elder DeLuca to throw something (was that a petri dish?) besides a hissy fit. Shortly, Alex, Carina and Teddy broke it to Lizzie and her husband that the procedure Vincenzo told them about wasn’t yet approved. “I’m the mother,” said Lizzie. “I give you approval — try it.” Sadly, that was not permissible. Her hopes dashed along with Lizzie’s, Teddy broke down post-op in Owen’s arms… just in time for Tom to see (and leave without being seen — and they had better not be messing with my KoraTed!). Meanwhile, DeLuca returned to his dad’s lab to ask why he’d given the parents false hope. In no time, Vincenzo was balking that Andrea sounded “just like the rest of them.” And that was when it hit DeLuca: This was a rerun of the night that Vincenzo’s combination platter of hubris and madness had killed four people. He was delusional. It was more merciful for Lizzie to lose her baby to a car accident than to watch it die in a bag created by a scientist who didn’t know what he was doing, DeLuca said, choking on the words. “Are you too sick to see that?”

greys anatomy season 15 episode 17 recap amelia link sex‘MY GOD, YOU ARE JUST CHISELED’ | At the conference on alternate pain relief, Amelia, sporting a cute new ‘do, ran into Link, who wasn’t just attending but giving a lecture. When he mentioned that he was on his way to an acupuncture demo, she decided not to go to the presentation she’d planned to. “I’d rather get poked,” she said, adding when she’d heard how that sounded, “with needles.” Then, embarrassed, she opted to go back to avoiding him like she had been since he’d witnessed her crying jag in the hospital hallway. Despite that, Amelia bumped into Link again during a session that looked like it was set in a fancy daycare nap room. Afterwards, she was left so lightheaded by the energy meridians or whatever had been pumped through them that she needed a hallway sit-down. During it, she confided in Link about Betty and her continued worries about her former almost-foster daughter. “You sound like… ” he responded. “A mess?” she interrupted. “A parent,” he said. (And I am feeling Link and Amelia a whole lot more than I ever did Link and Mer. This could work and might be already.) Just then, she noticed how ridiculously Ken-doll handsome he was. “It’s like your chin has muscles,” she marveled. “I do work out my chin pretty hard,” he cracked. “Takes a whole day.” (OK, this is definitely working.) Alas, when she broke away from what looked like it might turn into a kiss, she declined to invite him to her room. The following day, Amelia pretty hilariously tried to extol the virtues of having slept instead of having slept with Link. All she needed was coffee now, “which is not in my room,” she noted quickly. “There’s coffee in my room,” he said. It couldn’t be more “on” if the two of them had switches.

Later, Amelia attended Link’s presentation, during which he admitted that he’d gotten a young patient hooked on opioids… a patient who’d died as a result. When he added that he’d do it again, Amelia walked out. Subsequently showing up at her room to have the fight that they both knew was coming, he argued that she’d have done the same thing he had. His patient’s pain had been so bad, he was talking about suicide. “And you gave him the means,” she spat. “A child is dead. You failed him.” But of course, Link was acutely aware of that fact. He’d even given up medicine for a year after the kid’s death and just fixed bikes instead. Then he’d gotten mad and gone back to work to try to make it right. The system, he said, was broken. But he was trying — hard — to fix it. “Maybe we can fight this thing together,” he suggested, “like Batman and… Batman.” In the end, Amelia no longer wanted to hit Link. Nor did she want to have dinner with him. Rather, she gave him the kiss that had probably been coming since he instilled in her “pants feelings” back in Episode 3. He attempted to hit the brakes for fear that he was taking advantage of her, because she was “in a [weird] place, and I think you’re insanely pretty.” In response, she unbuttoned his shirt and got him to agree that this wasn’t going anywhere, it was just “alternative pain relief.” And with that, they hit the sheets.

greys anatomy season 15 episode 17 recap amelia link sex‘CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON THE GENETIC LOTTERY’ | While Maggie was looking at scans, Jo burst in and greeted her with, “You’re adopted.” This was not news to Maggie, of course. Thing was, Jo wanted someone with experience having their DNA tested to be with her at that moment, as she’d gotten the results of her DNA test. “I don’t wanna open them alone,” she explained, “but I don’t wanna open them with Alex,” lest she have to watch his face as he discovers that his wife is “a genetic lemon.” When at last Maggie read the results, it turned out that Jo has tremendously good DNA. Taking a peek, Jo marveled that the report said that she was mostly British. (Ha, considering Camilla Luddington is a Brit.) Oh, but there was one more thing in the report: It said that her results were being compared to those of Martha Tomlinson, likely a cousin. Since Casey was in the room for all this, the hacker volunteered to track down Martha for Jo, who wondered if he could also find out to whom Martha was related. As in Jo’s mother? “I didn’t say do it,” Jo exclaimed. But we all know where this is heading. Later, looking for a sign that she should pursue her mother, Jo happened upon Maggie’s interview just in time to hear her call meeting Richard “life-changing.” OMG, Jo exclaimed. “That is a sign!” Not so fast, advised Jackson, recalling his painful interaction with his father. “Unless there’s some big answer that you’re looking for, you might just wanna let it go.” Drat. There went Jo’s sign.

Oh, and as for Jackson’s scaly patient, Rick, Jackson hoped to use tilapia skin to treat his burns. Which definitely outweighed Richard’s complaints that the hospital smelled like high tide. Later, Mer teased Jackson that he was being called the king of Atlantis. Whatevs. He hoped to incorporate his fishy business into his spray-on skin and was in high enough spirits to tease Mer about whether DeLuca was her boyfriend. In other developments, Helen ran into Bailey at the hospital and revealed that she’d knitted a scarf that had turned into a sweater that had turned into all but a car cover. She also admitted that she was worried about making the trip back. When Miranda reported what she’d learned to Alex, he accused her of being biased against people with mental illness. As if! She was a person with mental illness, she angrily pointed out. It just needs monitoring, dammit. Off that conversation, Alex asked Bailey to cover his shift as chief for a coupla days so he could fly his mom home. Had he mentioned to Helen that Bailey had talked to him? Hell no, he looked like a thoughtful son — duh!

‘YOU MADE A MERMAN TODAY’ | As the hour drew to a close, Vincenzo refused to let Alex pull the plug on his research; instead, the elder DeLuca yanked it himself, scorching every inch of earth between himself and the exit as he did. Maggie and Jackson canoodled and compared notes on their days. Upon hearing that he might have figured out a way to heal burn victims for mere pennies, she told him, “That is the sexiest thing you’ve ever said.” Still, she was going to come up with something even cooler than mermen. And with that, they were getting naked on the desk. When Mer dropped by the DeLucas’ lab, her forlorn boyfriend/non-boyfriend shared that his father was taking his sheep and returning to Italy. So “go ahead, say I told you so,” he told Mer. But she didn’t want to. What’s more, “it kinda bugs me that you think I would,” she said. Still, he wasn’t fit for company, so she gave him his space. Finally, Jo gave Casey the go-ahead to find her mom. Which was good because he hadn’t been able to resist and was able to pull up on his computer right then and there a photo of her mother, Vicki (who looked a lot like Michelle Forbes). Your thoughts on “And Dream of Sheep”? Link and Amelia? We are all Team Teddy/Tom rather than Team Teddy/Owen, right? Hit the comments.

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