This Is Us Sneak Peek: The Pearsons Hold Vigil for Kate and the Baby

You’ll have to excuse The Pearson family as a whole in this exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s This Is Us. Extreme worry has made them — how shall we put this?  — not their best selves. How else to account for the way they come at Kate’s unsuspecting physician when he ventures into the hospital waiting room to give them an update?

Last week’s episode ended with Kate’s being wheeled into the emergency room after her water broke at 28 weeks, a point that’s an important milestone in fetal development but which falls far short of the normal, roughly 40-week gestation period. As we see in the clip above, the mom-to-be’s family has been keeping vigil ever since she was admitted. Their nerves, and their patience, are fraying rapidly. But when the doc suggests they get some rest and food, Rebecca quickly vetoes the notion.

“We’re staying,” she says firmly. “This family stays.”

Things get worse from there. Miguel does a little doctoring via smartphone. Kev tries to throw money (though not a lot of tact) at the problem. Randall steps in to smooth things over, creating even more friction. All told, The Pearsons are a mess.

Ahead of tonight’s episode (9/8c), press PLAY on the video above to watch the tense and awkward interaction unfold, then hit the comments with your predictions for the hour.

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