Friends Creator Nixes Reunion Talk: 'The Heart of the Show Would Be Gone'

Friends Reunion Reboot

Friends fans still holding out hope for a reunion will just have to settle for the 236 episodes currently available to them. Though the iconic sitcom’s creators have already dismissed the possibility of getting the gang back together, Marta Kauffman explains why — one more time, just for good measure — in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

“There are several reasons,” she tells the magazine. “One, the show is about a time in your life when your friends are your family. It’s not that time anymore. All we’d be doing is putting those six actors back together, but the heart of the show would be gone. Two, I don’t know what good it does us. The show is doing just fine, people love it. [A reunion] could only disappoint. ‘The One Where Everyone’s Disappointed.'”

The titular Friends — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer — have all been asked for their thoughts on a potential revival or reunion, with most echoing Kauffman’s sentiments. To her credit, however, Aniston came up with a pretty solid pitch during a 2018 interview with InStyle: “We [could] just give it some time and then Lisa, Courteney and I could reboot The Golden Girls and spend our last years together on wicker furniture.”

And if we’re getting really technical here, the cast has already reunited on several occasions. Not only did the crew come together (minus Perry) for NBC’s star-studded salute to TV director James Burrows, but the show’s three leading ladies also reprised their roles in a 2014 sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch:

Are you still hoping that the cast and creators will decide to bring Friends back for a revival or reunion? Or is it best not to mess with a good thing? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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