SVU Sneak Peek: Jennifer Esposito Takes Fin on a Tour of Pop-Up Brothels

Maybe you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. But dirty dawgs? That’s a whole other matter, as Jennifer Esposito‘s character points out in this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Law & Order: SVU

The Blue Bloods alum guest-stars as Sgt. Phoebe Baker, the head of the New York Police Department’s Vice Unit and a old colleague of Fin’s from his time in Narcotics. When Carisi and Fin need to find the propietor of a pop-up brothel, they go to Baker for help — and she explains that prostitution is a lot different in the digital age.

“These operations are getting wise,” Baker explains in the clip above, referring to houses of ill repute that move locations frequently in order to elude law enforcement. “The pop-up brothels are the new frontier.”

Series star Ice T first revealed Esposito’s casting in a tweet — made during a chilly outside shoot for the episode — in January. (For the SVU diehards out there: Yes, Esposito previously appeared on the procedural, playing a TV reporter who was raped in Season 1’s “Remorse.” No, Sgt. Baker has nothing to do with that character.)

Esposito’s SVU episode, titled “Brothel,” will air Thursday at 10/9c. Press PLAY on the video at the top of the post to get a glimpse of the hour.

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