A Million Little Things' Christina Ochoa Leaving? Show Boss, Star Weigh In

A Million Little Things Christina Ochoa Leaving Season 1 Ashley

Ashley’s trip to Spain may last quite some time, according to A Million Little Things creator/executive producer DJ Nash and star Christina Ochoa.

In Thursday’s episode, Ochoa’s character was seen making a tearful goodbye phone call to Gary, then boarding a plane to Spain using the ticket Jon bought her before he died. Earlier in the episode, she’d come clean to Delilah & Co. about the secret she’d been keeping: Jon had taken out a secret life insurance policy — with the guys and Barbara Morgan, whoever she is, as beneficiaries — and Ash had been using that money to pay down Jon’s real estate debts.

Ashley’s exit sure made it seem like Ochoa, a series regular, was leaving the show. But that’s not the case, Nash told TVLine this week.

A Million LIttle Things Christina Ochoa Leaving AShley Season 1The showrunner confirmed that Ochoa definitely will be part of the show past Season 1. And when we pointed out that it seems like Jon’s assistant’s storyline has come to an end, he countered, “And yet she didn’t die.”

Nash continued: “Good or bad, our show is a soap. On some great soaps, things happen and people come back.” And given that the drama has a history of switcheroos — such as in the premiere, when Rome’s suicide attempt was interrupted by Jon’s actually going through with the act — “We sent [Ashley] away,” Nash said, “but maybe she comes back knowing a lot of Spanish.” (Fun fact: In real life, Ochoa is fluent in the language.)

“I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Ashley is not completely out of the picture,” Ochoa said. Still, don’t expect Ash to jet back to Boston anytime soon: “As for the rest of this season,” Ochoa added, “she’s not going to be in it.” —With reporting by Michael Ausiello and Matt Webb Mitovich

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