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2017 in Review: TV's Workaholics — David Boreanaz, Christina Ochoa, Dominic Purcell and 22 Others

Workaholics may no longer be a TV series, but it still describes an elite crop of actors who not only seldom stray far from the small screen, but at times seem almost ubiquitous. REVIEW OUR PICKS

Blood Drive's Christina Ochoa Teases 'Epic' Finale Throwdown, Salutes CW's Deployment of a Military Drama

A year-and-a-half ago, Christina Ochoa was crashing on a friend’s couch and borrowing money to get to her auditions. Now, she is about to pivot from a lead role on Syfy’s summer splatterfest Blood Drive (which airs its finale tonight at 10/9c) to starring on The CW’s first military drama. READ MORE