Masked Singer Week 4: Biggest Clues About the Alien, the Bee and More

Masked Singer Spoilers

Now that The Masked Singer‘s Deer (Terry Bradshaw) and Poodle (Margaret Cho) have been revealed, TVLine can exclusively confirm that we’re two-for-two in predicting the show’s costumed celebrities. Seriously, where’s our seat on that ever-growing panel of judges?

Wednesday’s episode confirmed our suspicion that Cho was posing as the Poodle — how did people miss that “your honor” was a Drop Dead Diva reference?! — which leaves us with four celebrities in that first group yet to be unmasked.

Given our track record, we’re positive that we’ve figured out who’s masquerading as the Alien, the Bee and the Raven. In fact, the Rabbit is the only celebrity we aren’t 100-percent certain about, though we’ve confidently narrowed our guesses down to two members of the same boy band.

Unfortunately, it’ll be another two weeks before we find out how accurate these predictions are. In keeping with the show’s schedule, this Wednesday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) will pivot back to the first group, giving us more clues about the Lion, the Monster, the Peacock and the Unicorn. (Don’t worry, we’ve got theories about them, too.)

Browse our gallery of the latest Masked Singer clues and reveals — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own guesses about the Alien, Bee, Rabbit and Raven below.

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