Masked Singer Week 3: Biggest Clues About the Lion, Monster and More

Masked Singer Spoilers

The reveal of the third Masked Singer on Wednesdsay changed the game for those of us watching from home. With the introductory episodes out of the way, we’re now finally able to put our theories to the test — and so far, we’re doing good.

That’s right, TVLine is officially 1 for 1, having correctly guessed that former NFL superstar Terry Bradshaw was hiding (and sweating profusely) under that Deer costume. And after the fresh batch of clues we received this week about the Peacock, the Monster, the Unicorn and the Lion, we’re pretty confident in our picks for the other four remaining members of this group. (And if we’re right, some of the judges’ guesses have been way off, especially when it comes to the Lion.)

As always, though, we’ll have to wait two more weeks before any of these singers are revealed. Next Wednesday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) pivots back to the second group and will unmask either the Rabbit, the Bee, the Alien or the Poodle. (Don’t worry, we’re got theories about them, too.)

Browse our updated gallery of Masked Singer clues and guesses — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own picks below. Which celebrities are lurking in those costumes?

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