Supernatural Stars Preview 'Closure' for Sam in Stranger Things-ish Episode 300

Supernatural Spoilers Episode 300

John Winchester’s long-awaited return to Supernatural for the show’s 300th episode might just heal the divide between Sam and his dad — so much so that Sammy could die and be OK, star Jared Padalecki says!

It’s no secret that the father and son had a complicated and strained relationship before John’s demise. But with Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising his role as Papa Winchester via a wish scenario on Dean’s part, the younger brother may have a chance to finally repair his bond with Dad.

“Sam gets to reconcile some things with some people he’s always wanted to reconcile them with,” Padalecki shared with TVLine at the CW series’ red carpet for the milestone installment. “If Sam could die after Episode 300, I think he’d be alright. [He gets] a bit of closure.”

The hour (airing Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c) will also explore how the residents of Lebanon, Kansas view the mysterious strangers who live in the nearby Men of Letters bunker. “Where we pick it up, [Dean and Sam are] just rolling into the liquor store to pick up some daily supplies,” star Jensen Ackles previewed, “and you get a perspective from the local teenagers of, ‘Who are these guys? What are they doing? Oh, my mom said they were so-and-so. Or my dad said he was…’ I think it will have a little bit of a Stranger Things vibe to it.”

But as the story progresses, “there will be some throwback things that will appear,” Ackles continued. “We’ll start diving into the history of the show a little more.”

With a Winchester family reunion and nods to the past — Kurt Fuller also returns as the angel Zachariah — it’s no surprise that Ackles said his reaction upon reading the script was, “‘I want more of this. I want, like, three or four more episodes of this.'”