TVLine Items: Surprise Supernatural Return, WWHL Heads West and More

Supernatural Kurt Fuller Zachariah

Another fallen character is making an unexpected return for Supernatural‘s 300th episode: Kurt Fuller will reprise his role as the high-ranking angel Zachariah, EW.com reports.

Zachariah was last seen in Season 5’s “Point of No Return,” during which he was killed by Dean with an angel blade, so how exactly the character reappears is a mystery for now.

The milestone installment — which will also welcome back Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Dean and Sam’s deceased father John Winchester — explores how the people of Lebanon, Kansas, where the Men of Letters bunker is based, view the brothers. The episode is slated to air Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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* Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen will kick off four weeks of shows from Los Angeles, with guests Matthew McConaughey, Christina Aguilera, Anne Hathaway, Judd Apatow, RuPaul and Jay Leno, beginning Monday, Jan. 14 at 11 pm ET/8 pm PT.

* Ovation will host the U.S. premiere of Canadian drama Murdoch Mysteries (fka The Artful Detective) Season 12 on Saturday, April 20 at 7 pm. Frankie Drake Mysteries will debut Saturday, June 15 at 9 pm, following Murdoch‘s season finale.

* Showtime has greenlit House of Saud, a documentary that will examine the relationship between the current White House and Saudi Arabia, leading up to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s possible role in it.

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