This Is Us' Kate and Toby Prepare for Their Baby's Birth — 2019 FIRST LOOK


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This Is Us‘ blessed event is coming up soon, and from the looks of things, Kate and Toby are nearly ready. Whether or not they feel that way? Well, that’s a whole other matter.

This exclusive photo from the NBC drama’s winter premiere (Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9/8c) shows the prospective parents hanging out in their son’s nursery. The walls are decorated. The trim has a cute, outer-space theme. The crib is assembled and looks fairly sturdy. All in all, they seem prepared to welcome Baby Damon into the world.

So why the ambiguous faces? The official episode synopsis, unfortunately, gives up no clues: “Kate and Toby get ready for the baby” is all it says regarding Chrissy Metz’s and Chris Sullivan’s storyline. (Meanwhile, the hour also will handle the end of Randall’s political campaign and Kevin’s interaction with someone from Zoe’s past.)

As we’ve seen over the first half of the season, KaToby’s path to parenthood has been riddled with letdowns and heartache; even as Kate’s pregnancy progresses normally, she and Toby have felt an undercurrent of nervousness about whether everything actually will come out OK.

“Along with any great joy comes a good deal of anxiety and nervousness,” Sullivan told TVLine earlier this season. “We’ll see how they handle the full scope of [parenthood].”

Scroll down to see the photo in full, then hit the comments with your preferred name of choice for Kate and Toby’s little bundle of joy. 


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