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2018 in Review: The 15 Coolest Scenes

Coolest Tv Scenes 2018

This holiday season, we here at TVLine are giving thanks for our high-definition television sets… which meant we could catch every last detail of 2018’s coolest TV visuals.

More and more, TV shows are delivering knockout visuals that rival anything we can see at the movies. (Thank Peak TV… and Netflix and Amazon’s seemingly limitless production budgets.) From slam-bang fight scenes (Marvel’s Daredevil) to gee-whiz camerawork (Homecoming), from death-defying stunts (Chicago Fire) to unforgettable montages (Better Call Saul), 2018 was a nonstop feast for our eyeballs, and we’re celebrating by collecting all of the year’s most visually stunning TV scenes in one place.

If you check out the attached gallery to the right — or if you click here for direct access — you can see which shows, ranging from zombie thriller The Walking Dead to elegant comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, found a spot on our list of the year’s coolest TV scenes: the ones that made us stop and say, “Whoa, wait…. I’ve gotta hit rewind and see that again.” And once you’ve made your way through our list, you can hit rewind and drop into the comments below to share your personal picks for the best TV visuals of the year.